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Comic Con

I’m late in coming to this, but this has now grown into a huge big deal.  The big one is held in San Diego, and it’s gotten so big, that it has it’s own red carpet, and me being the fashion addict that I am can’t resist any red carpet for inspiration.  I’ve also had


Mostly what I saw was two trends and the first (well, it is summer after all) were shorts ensembles or short suits.


There were a lot, and even though some of these are a little short for me, I liked the idea each one – left is the suit version, and a longer short – like at an attractive knee length, tailored and beautifully constructed in a classic suit type fabric (doesn’t have to be dark grey or black – a silver grey or beautiful tan would be gorgeous), would be a fantastic addition to a professional’s wardrobe.  The middle version would be fabulous in any linen, and I do love the grey linen she’s wearing here…..and that yoke is a great turn on the rotated dart. I teach this in my pants muslin class as a variation of the pants pattern instead of the standard waist to hip/fanny darts, the yoke is done as a beautiful fitting mechanism, but has an extra panache as something a little different.  The floral flouncy version – well, OK the shorts are ENTIRELY too short, but longer and fuller – almost culotte-esque would be gorgeous in a floral fabric.  And if you don’t want to wear it sheer to show off your bra (I mean really what practical person does), you can wear a skin-toned cami under and let others figure out if you’ve got on any undies or not!!!


The other is the lace/eyelet, see-thru trend, which still seems to be strong.  I particularly loved the floral skirt with the hem-stitching-esque piecing.  But shows how just a great ole black last straight skirt can be a go-to item for any wardrobe when you need to dress up a look for evening or something a little more formal.

My big reason to come to this comic con genre is from Outlander as many of you know I’m hooked on this series of books which is more like a romantic historic novels than sci-fi or fantasy.  And the female star is a beauty from the fashion world, and couldn’t believe she wasn’t included in on the runway – so I include her here.

Like all these models they are thin and have legs from here to the Moon….but what I love is that she dresses in a completely different look – she’s more conservative and modest in her look (OK, if I had legs like that I would be showing them off too), But I love the detail around the collar.

Remember this is a fashion model who has seen and worn the latest in styles.  The white collar/cuffs detail is fabulous with the classic shirtwaist look.  (Also note the shoulders and how crisp that shoulder line is and the sleeve head is impeccably full but not gathered or pouchy!

Then this from the August W magazine:

And we wonder why she looks so fetching in those 18th century costumes.  Actually the costumes for season 2 are going to step up the game of the costumers as it’s all around the French court and I can only imagine the clothes are going to be so fabulous.

Hopefully these give you some ideas for some summer fashions – love the red carpet for that!!!



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