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Fall is Coming!

….and it’s time to think about clearing out some of the rif-raf out of your closet.

I know – it’s hot;  the middle of summer;  you’re headed for vacation (or getting the little kiddos back to school to get your sewing room back), or……

But here’s the thing: while you’re doing this closet clearing, it can get your head around your projects for this fall and what you need and want in your closet.  Here’s a great blog on just that – how to set up your sewing after doing some closet clearing.


Closet clearing/cleaning, or whatever you want to call it is not only a great way to get a clear and concise look at what you need for the upcoming season, but it also is great Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is the Chinese ancient art of placement.  In Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway), you have guidelines for arrangement to make for better functioning work place, eating place, sleeping place for your home and for your business.  I have arranged my studio this way and it works spectacularly for me, not only as a sewing studio but as a business office too.

There’s a new book that really helps with this, and applies it to all of your home.  Living like this is what the minimalists movement in fashion is all about.  It’s NOT about having minimal amount of clothes or furniture or cooking equipment.  It’s about not having an over-abundance of clothes, furniture, cooking equipment or any stuff.

This is a wonderful little book that takes no time to read (good easy vacation reading), and will empowering you with ideas on how to really make your life simpler and work much easier and better for you.

I know I say this a lot, but this is the way my closet has functioned for me for the last 40 years.  To be honest, I don’t really know what’s like to own a closet that is over-stuffed because  I’ve never had that – I didn’t need all those clothes, because I had clothes that worked for my closet now.  For example,  I’m doing a lot of walking these days with Walt (as much for my head as my bod), but I’m needing to clear out some other exercise gear (from spinning classes and workout at the gym – I’m just not doing that anymore), and build a wardrobe of walking gear that will work for me now, and pass on the other clothes to someone who can use them, but also that will work for me.


One of the things the author, Marie Kondo, recommends is to leave only what gives you joy.  I love that expression as it leans on the positive.  Instead of getting rid of the junk, you keep what gives you joy.

The book doesn’t clearly address artists and studios and workrooms (not offices, but workrooms), but I use another Feng Shui principle for that.

Here’s the look of my studio this morning:


Not everything is all put up.  There is some muslin out, but it’s folded up, and the cutting board is cleared, with the sewing area neat and everything in order.  What this simple process does, is creates an ambiance of order and control – YOU have control (not your projects all out and askew).  This way when I walk into the studio from a night’s sleep I can easily get organized for the day and make up my mind what’s first, second, third, etc.   What I notice when I don’t do this, is that I will have projects out and all of them are screaming to me, “Do me!’ or “I’m next!” or “Finish this,” when if I at the least arrange things neatly and pick up and fold up just a little, I leave the studio with the train of thought I had instead of walking into a studio that is pulling me off topic!  Sometimes this is just having all your scissors in the right direction, sometimes it’s having everything in order.  It depends upon where you are in the order of your project.


All this is, is a habit.  Working at doing this simple exercise each time you leave your studio, will bring you into a creative, welcoming feeling every time you walk into the room either in the middle of a project or the beginning of one.  This is also a favor you can do for your creative muse and keeps those creative juices flowing.



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