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So where do you get your inspiration?  I get mine usually from my RSS feed or just perusing around the net.  But one thing is for sure, when someone says “classic” I’m all over it in nothing flat.  Actually this didn’t say classic it was more like investment additions to your wardrobe.  And investment dressing is the way to elegantly wean yourself out of that over-stuffed, binging closet. This is also the maximum use of your sewing time which is oh so valuable!


Ahem – are they reading my mind (August newsletter is THE leather jacket), but it is the classic look.  I remember when I was young only thuggy ne’er-do-wells worth leather jackets which today makes me feel like I’m a little on the edge wearing one.  That’s the whole point, an edgy classic for sure!!  Vrrrrrooooom!!!


And when is a Burberry NOT in fashion….just make sure it has all the details – remember this is going to last you for a decade or so, and you want to feel special in it every time, so don’t skimp on the details.


Well, maybe not this exactly, but the idea.  Like the turtleneck & black skirt/black pant/black legging – the black shift offers a blank palette you can decorate to your heart’s (or your creative spirit’s) content.  This just never goes out of style, and doing his in a silk jersey – PUHLEASE – this is so cool, it’s a slam-dunk!!!  If you find something classic like this cool fabric here, go for it.  But if not, black is super – winter in light-weight wool (lined – and w/sleeves), and in summer in linen (and yes it will wrinkle, but remember natural fibers wrinkle – they’re rich wrinkles!)


You wouldn’t think of Boho as necessarily classic, but it can be.  It’s about the fabric and the look.  Don’t get too carried away with the frills and fullness, and this can make an excellent oomph to your wardrobe – with a straight black skirt and a little more modest collar, a little slimmer style and it’s a go for the office.

Boho can get too much very quickly so do it sparingly and pair it only with the most basic and classic of styles – sort of the “no style” basics in your wardrobe.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it.  At the same time don’t count on leading a “professional” workshop or meeting in this look – it won’t carry your authenticity or professionalism very well.  But for an inner office Friday look that has a little more snap and razzledazzle to it than just a pair of jeans, Boho can do the trick!


The large sweater (yeah, it’s great in cashmere, but it’s the bulky knit fabric that’s so wonderful here, so doesn’t have to be cashmere) is a wonderful top for winter – under leggings (make sure it’s long enough) or slim skirt and a colorful scarf can be another classic professional look.


You may think you don’t need a cocktail dress in your wardrobe, and maybe not a dress – but at the least a cocktail tunic, but it really is vital to have at least one go-to item that you can get a little dressed up in, just in case.  This number by Oscar fits the bill perfectly.


Uh – NO!  This might be classic for a junior editor of a fashion magazine, but not for the rest of us.


Created in 1966 (Good Grief – is it really that old?) by Yves Saint Laurent – Le Smoking was the rage.  This is the genius of this man because it’s still hot.  Several variations are done, but basically the look remains the same – and with a white crisp blouse.  This can be in lieu of the cocktail ensemble above and the pieces can be worn separately (that jacket over a red dress – wow, and the pants with a fabulous tunic radiates a professional classic look).


OK – Inspired?….good, now you have some good use of your time!!!





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