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Wedding Day

To say this was a labor of love, is an understatement.  Halley’s great grandmother gave me my first Bernina and my sewing turned professional almost overnight (hence my recommendation of using a good machine). I have been wanting to give back for generations, and finally got the chance!
The best part was that I got to really do some detail work with this dress that I might not otherwise have the chance to….the dress was satin with an organza overlay (this in itself makes a fabulous look – makes the satin look “pearlized”). On top of that organza the bride picked out some beautiful lace, and I took that and placed the lace just the way we wanted throughout the dress so that it graduated down the bodice and again to the hem. This can only be done after the hem is taken, IOW, the dress has to be finished and then the lace is applied.  In this case, I applied it by hand because the lace was beaded, and if you’ve ever worked with beaded anything, you know that you have to take out the beading first and then apply the lace and re-beaded it if you’re applying this by machine.  Unless I attached the lace medallions by hand and then I could leave the beading intact.  This also allowed me to manipulate the lace to curve and shape just the way I wanted.  
The bride also wanted the circle train, which also had the lace sewn in a graduated design so that the back had a symmetrical design up the back of the dress from the hem – also can not be done till the hem of the train is established.
Top%20-1020-L[1]Here you can see the graduated application of the lace design.  The bodice was fully covered, then graduated to nothing about mid-thigh length and then at the hem was fuller again.   I just adore doing these little details to dresses. They don’t show unless you sit down to try and figure out how to do them and then you realize how much has to be done in the fitting of the gown before any of the lace is applied.
veilI’m so serious here – I didn’t know they were snapping a shot!!!
To top it all off, the family was so appreciative and sweet to work with. They are obviously the beautiful side of my family and I’m so thrilled to be related to them!
I’m also thrilled to have the opportunity to pay my long-owed debt!!! My aunt is in heaven looking down on all of us with probably the puffiest chest around!!!! 😉
  1. Gorgeous gown and amazing detailed work both in the fitting and the lace.

  2. Fabulous dress and gorgeous bride. Beautiful

  3. That bride looks stunning!!!! What a nice job on that dress.

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