Handmade Quality

It used to be that when you said “Hand Made” people said, “Awwwwww, isn’t that sweet,” and then put it in the back drawer, cause nothing could be as good as what you could buy in the store.

The problem is, that ain’t so any more. There are gobs and gobs of artists making a quality statement on Etsy and all sorts of other platforms out there that sell beautifully crafted items from jewelry, buttons to whatever you can think of. But the amazing thing is that they are all quality and they are so worth the modest price charged!

I was recently reading Meg’s post on quality and it reminded me again of why I sew.  She was describing the shocking quality of the hand-crafted item she had purchased, and I have become so accustomed to that with my own clothes, that it’s just become very blasé for me and very common place.

Take my new plaid!!!


New to me – for the last couple of weeks, and every where I wear it I get compliments:  “Oooo – I love that coat!” or “Wow what a great coat!”  The Sherlock capelet/collar thing easily comes up over my head for extra warmth or shelter from rain and it is a very versatile coat.  Having something that’s so specific to me – so much my style and something that feels so comfy to wear is so normal to me, that my perspective is really warped about clothing.


I have to remind myself, that quality clothing is really a luxury and one that I’ve grown very accustomed to.  It’s also a luxury that 1.) I don’t have to give up and 2.) I can keep enjoying for as long as I want.

I have to remind myself that I’m very spoiled.  But the truth is…..I love spoiling myself!



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  1. Claire, Thanks for the inspiration! I’m making this in fleece to wear to the gym on cold mornings.

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