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Star Wars Fashion…..Ladies (and Gentlemen Start Your Engines)

And here it comes, but some of this is really neat. Cosplay is a whole other facet of sewing that’s really a lot of fun if you just let yourself sink into it!!!  And who doesn’t love Star Wars!












To start with this is the beginning of the exhibit or show and it’s not bad. It’s the print that makes it so “Star War-ish” not the style so much.  I think I’d rather do it in a knit and in my top (from October newsletter!)











For a lady Storm Trooper? It could happen, but love the creative imagination it took to pull off the look.  Be interesting if the white were in a white neoprene and surely more comfy than the real Storm Trooper plastic-y armor











Well, now this is plain ole classic.  Yes it screams Luke Skywalker, but it’s still classic.  In corduroy this would make a fabulous jacket (and yes I’d like to see it more fitted, but the whole idea is a winner.  I might like to do the binding so that the nap is running the opposite of the jacket for a little contrast







OK – now this is the winner of the show.  The one on the left is the original, but I’d never do it this long, but tunic or hip length, and it would be gorgeous in black with white trim, but granted not as Storm-Trooper-ish.











Obi-wan-kanobi move over – what great style.  Another classic look and really more like normal clothing, except with a little more Jawa-esque influence!







The entire exhibit.  More can be found here






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  1. I love this! The exhibit and your suggested adaptations for everyday wear. I love thev”Obi-Wan” outfit -I imagine there are thousands of fan-boys-and-girls who would wear that, as-is. That first gown is gorgeous, too!

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