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What Makes Good Style

This isn’t that hard, so don’t make it hard, but there are some basics here to know that can help you work your way into not only finding your own style but adhering to it.

For one thing, it will change a bit from look to look and from event to event.  For example, I like a more Bohemian look when I’m casual, but when I’m formal, I’m conservative and classic.  Formal has never been a place I like to experiment with or do some edgy look.  But when I’m casual, I’ll mess with an edgier look.

I like to use public figures as a perfect example because:

  1. They have to look responsible – you don’t want some air-head in charge of important things
  2. They have to be fashionable – they have to look like they are up with the times
  3. They can’t look like a fashion victim or too edgy – you don’t want your leaders to look like they’ll try anything
  4. They have to look smart – cause they want to project an attitude that they know what they’re doing
  5. It has to last past one or two washings/cleanings – although wearing the same thing over and over isn’t good, wearing it again shows great discernment!

So here’s a perfect example of my point:

Now Mrs. Obama looks really sharp here, but let’s be honest.  She doesn’t have anything close to the perfect figure.  Her hips are a little large, but her height helps with that, but she uses all the right tools to really set herself off beautifully.  Firstly, this is classic done beautifully – the colors are so correct (dark on bottom to recede her hips and lighter on top to project her shoulders).  What really makes her whole shape here sing is the effect of her waist appearing a little higher than it actually is.    Her jacket also hems at the right length so that it controls the movement of the eye on the silhouette – it doesn’t hit lower than it needs or higher than it should (that apex rule that I talk about all the time is what’s at play here).  Finally there’s a nice frame around the neck and face – this is where our major attention goes first when we see the picture, and this is where you want it to go – not a bad hem jacket hem length, not a bad pant hem length.

One more note on here.  It looks like there are besom pockets in this jacket.  I say looks because I have not see this jacket in person.  When this jacket is purchased, the pocket is sewn closed. Why? Because the pocket will always droop and that’s not a good selling point. Many personalities, leaders and fashion savvy folks will not cut that sewn pocket for that reason, because it will always droop and separate.  It looks like that’s what’s happened here.  I make this point, because if you have made besom pockets and they droop, don’t think you’ve done something wrong – it is the nature of the beast.  If you want to look perfect, blind tack them together, but you can never use the pocket.  What I like to do is put the exact same color behind the besom binding color (do this if your besom pocket binding is in a contrasting color) and that way when they droop, it will be hard to see.  I’m not a fan of putting in pockets like this and not using them.


So hopefully this will give you some great ideas about how to style a shape for yourself, and remember using leaders and people who are responsible public profiles, are a great source of how to dress and solve a lot of fitting and styling problems.


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