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Pantone’s Colors for Fall 2016

There’s always a new palette each year, and even though Anna Wintour says that “Fashion is Dead” or “There is No Fashion” there will always be trends, no matter what, and Pantone really does go through and look at the shows and pick out the predominant colors.  They may not always be “fall-ish” or “spring-ish”, but they are what’s on the runway!

Here’s why this is such a good palette to work with:



There are representatives from either side of the color wheel.


This means that you can pick and choose from at least 2 if not more colors that look good on you, and you’re not stuck with something that doesn’t look good, or tempted to buy something that won’t work in your wardrobe.


Remember the other factor about keeping in your color palette is that almost everything goes together within that palette.  If a color looks good on you, then it’s almost guaranteed to match a few more items in your wardrobe.


In this year’s palette, the greys tone with the blues;  the taupes with the reds and yellow; and even though the green stands out like a sore thumb, believe it or not it tones beautifully with the taupe and the warm rust colors (and the red if you use it right – two dominant colors like that has to be matched well, or it will clash).


There’s lots here for everyone, so if you’re looking for inspiration, this is a great source.  Remember to keep into your palette in your stash as well. This is the first place something out of your palette can come in – sort of like an infection, and keeping your stash in your palette and in your lifestyle, means that it becomes incredibly useful for you and not a drudgery to go through to find inspiration or simply something to work up.





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