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January Class- Intro to Commando Sewing

OK – so what in the world is commando sewing.  I like to think it’s close to what commandos do (and no it has nothing to do with underwear – I promise).

But think how commandos go about completing a project:

  1. They do research and check out everything they need to know to make the project successful
  2. They use only the best equipment available
  3. They plan out their project so they are using their time most efficiently – they are clock misers
  4. They know what resources they need, information, training and get it before they start their project….it’s not – hey, let’s parachute into Iraq and rescue these prisoners and not know how to parachute or take parachutes along!!!
  5. They are in and out with only one result in mind: Success!

There’s a lot we can learn from these commandos in sewing.  I love they way they approach their work, and there’s no reason we can’t use their logic for sewing.

This January I’m teaching my first Commando Sewing Class on Wrap Coat.

What makes this different?…First is the class will be in one day.  I will have demos plus hands on exercises but the main purpose of the class is to give you the information you will need as a commando sewists so that you will leave with most of the prep work done and my aim is for you to finish this project in one day or maybe 1½ days, and end up with a garment that will be something you need and can use for years.

This is the most practical and efficient use of your resources.  All of us have limited resources, and I do this all the time with my clients and my large projects, but there’s no reason you can learn how to do this with your resource, time, money and sweat equity!

So let’s get right to the details….in commando style:

Class Stats:
Topic:  Wrap Coat
Supplies: Fabric samples if you want to have me look at them, but I will have suggestions and samples.  I will supply supplies for demos.
Equipment: Sewing Machine, and stuff you use to sew, pins, nippers, scissors, seam-ripper, etc.  It would be good to bring a notebook to write down notes as well.
What You’ll Learn: I’ll do all the research and back work, so you can get started fast on your project.  You will also get hands-on instructions on detail techniques that you’ll need to finish your garment professionally, as well as CD with all the information in class plus some.
When: January 25th, 10am to 4pm
Cost: $60
Where: Bernina of OKC, 405.840.8911 to sign up.

Got Questions?….just post below so everyone can see (and get the answer too!!!)  No question is EVER dumb….EVER!

The rest of the schedule is here for Spring, 2017

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