The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation


This is for anyone who sews and for anyone who wants to know if you’re doing things right.  This is a fabulous little film made following the creation of the Chanel F/W04/05 collection from the finishing of the last garment from the S/S04 collection to the showing of the F/W/04/05 show.

There are so many parts to this wonderful video that you need to devote full attention to it.  There are wonderful little pieces you can pick up just from a few scenes.

Here’s some idea of what these treasured 5 episodes have in store!

Yep!  Even in the best houses and amongst the best of seamstresses they have to take out stitching too for a good fit.  Lesson to everyone:  If you know the difference, take it out and do it till it looks right to you.


And pressing makes a lot of mistakes go away…just watch this segment on how they dealt with this problem!

So you must be thin to wear couture clothes?….really!!!!  First look at the size of this customer’s mannequin – she ain’t THIN!!!  And who do you think can afford these clothes….it’s the older, wealthier woman, and she’s probably seen a few good meals, drunk some pretty good wine, and not done a lot of exercise!


And indeed it is….from flat drawing to toile or what we would call a muslin.  Personally I thought some of the toiles were almost as beautiful by themselves.  They were very impressive!


And while you’re looking around the atelier (that’s what they call the working studio in a maison or couture house in France), notice how many sewing machines there are!


Karl L is in!



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