New York Fashion Week – Relevant?

A new thought-provoking article out has a lot to it.  The future format of the fashion show is in a state of flux.  In the olden days, you had to be invited to the fashion shows as they were private.  The designers didn’t want anyone to see anything before the show so it would be proprietary property and therefore not copiable till after the show.


The business of copying the latest fashion has been with us forever, but nothing as fast as it is today.


So designers are saying, why keep the show private? Then came the independent fashionistas on their twitter accounts running pictures and videos of the fashion shows.  The designers have decided to go one further and stream the shows live now.  The shows have changed completely from a well-guarded secret to how many notables can a fashion designer get to sit on the front row of his/her fashion show.


This shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s nice to see that the organizers of Fashion Week for New York are working on the latest morph of what a fashion show should be.  The first and probably most immediate change will be show now, buy now prospect, so that you can purchase anything right off the runway.  Whereas designers had to appeal to the retailers to buy from them, the designers can sell right off the runway, making their business much more profitable and economical…..why  make up a garment for a store that can’t/won’t sell it.

I hope we don’t loose the stores, even though I know they are being shut out, because there is nothing like seeing these garments in person to realize the true artistry and beauty in them.  Even if you have a chance to see a retrospective of a designer (the Met Museum in New York has these all the time), it is well worth your effort because the workmanship on these garments is beautiful and are true works of art.

So heads up – fashion shows are coming to a feed close to you!








  1. Thank you for writing this provocative article – a real “peek behind the scenes” of the fashion industry. Something I know absolutely nothing about but I do sew my own clothes so I’m completely fascinated with how couture houses make their clothes and what styles they are presenting for the coming year. The Chanel Jacket – iconic!

    • You would be amazed at how close we “home” sewist sew our clothes to the dressmakers of the couture ateliers. There’s a series out called Signe Chanel and it’s on M2M web site – click here to watch it. It’s 5, one-hour episodes and they will be spellbinding. They are also on YouTube but in various configurations and sometimes it’s hard to get to the next chapter and some of the versions are very pixelated. M2M (Made To Measure) is much more reliable and very much more viewable video. The very fact that this video was made and subsequently can now be seen by anyone with an internet connection shows the huge change that the runway fashion show is undergoing, and also shows how much Karl Lagerfeld is willing to participate in the new formats and change. But frankly no one should be surprised, as anyone who could update a classic to a modern classic is well armed to change with the times.

      Who else would be so honored with a cover on how iconic his designs are….compared to the original and the new version by Karl.

      Some of my favorite scenes in the little film are in the atelier with the ladies working, and notice what all they are doing. This is exactly the same process we would do something. It’s so nice to know you’re on the right track from the real pros who work at this every day. Another hilarious and very educational part is the part of taking the fabrics to the trim lady who owns a farm and they are harvesting the hay cause it’s getting ready to rain, and it must be harvested and bailed before it rains!!!….and everything including Chanel must wait!!!

      But noticing her techniques which are more intuitive than learned or taught…she seems to be learning new techniques with each fabric she’s using. What I love about this is this is what sewists do constantly. Every time we open up a new pattern and start working through the puzzle of that particular design we learn again how to solve this or that part to make the whole work the way we want. And it’s refreshing, comforting, supportive and heartening to know that pros do the same thing!

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