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Let’s Talk Underwear…..

Let's Talk Underwear.....

….bras specifically. OK – let’s talk underwear – bras specifically.  Yeah, I know you’ve had that bra for ???? years and it’s comfy and it feels good and it’s not worn out and it works….well, maybe.  If you’re bra is over 3 years old, there may be […]

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Two Points – Internship Dressing and Minimalism

So how do you dress for a job?….or an internship?  When you’re used to wearing jeans and tee for daily classes and suddenly you have an internship or a possible job interview or even a job.  How do you dress?  It’s a good question for anyone who […]

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We Wear Culture

I read this morning’s article from Business of Fashion and thought – gee this sounds like something really nice and thought I would put up a link on Facebook, where I put little tidbits.  But clicking on the link from the article to examine what is really […]

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