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Let’s Talk Underwear…..

….bras specifically.

OK – let’s talk underwear – bras specifically.  Yeah, I know you’ve had that bra for ???? years and it’s comfy and it feels good and it’s not worn out and it works….well, maybe.  If you’re bra is over 3 years old, there may be cause to reconsider if it’s really working.

Here’s the deal.  There is NOTHING that makes you look older faster than drooping girls.

See what I mean?…the drooping boobs make this little lady look that much older.

Here’s another more real example from one of my favorite models:

So what’s the big deal here.  Camilla always looks best with strong shoulders (she basically has no shoulders and with a strong shoulder construction she looks much more balanced) and in both garments she’s got those great shoulders.  But look at her bust point in the green suit as opposed to the white tunic suit.  It’s much higher and more defined in the white tunic.  The bust point placement makes a huge difference.

So what’s the takeaway here?  Two things:
1.  Don’t EVER make your bust dart point on your garment too low.  It’s an instant aging device.   It should point exactly to your bust and not too low or too high.
2.  Get a good fresh bra every 2 or 3 years, and more if you wash it a lot or wear it a lot.  I use a local lingerie shop here in town and they do a great job fitting me.  I wear a pretty normal size, but my bust circumference is large and my chest is not large, so that requires some fitting.

This not only makes a huge difference in your fit, but I guarantee it will make you look younger – I promise.  Wearing a well-fitted bra will also make you stand up a lot straighter because it’s more balanced in on body.  With the bust lower, it drags your posture down.  So if you have a good bra, that has good support for your girls, wear it.  If you don’t get one.

You’ll thank me – I promise!!!


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