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We Wear Culture

I read this morning’s article from Business of Fashion and thought – gee this sounds like something really nice and thought I would put up a link on Facebook, where I put little tidbits.  But clicking on the link from the article to examine what is really going on, and this is really important.

So here’s what the article is about quickly – Google is digitizing huge fashion archives – sort of like making a digital fashion library.  When you click on the Google link to We Wear Culture, you get a lot of resources for fashion.

So OK for we sewists what does that mean?

How many times have you sat down with the time, the money, the wherewithal and the will to do something, but no ideas or can’t think of anything, or look at the machine like a blank sheet of paper?  I’ve done this lots and have various methods I use to go get ideas or motivation to do something that is going to be time well spent.  Time IS our most valuable resource – even more than money.  Yes we all have budgets, but there is only a certain amount of time (pardoning Einstein, right now), and it is limited for we mere mortals (since we’re not traveling through worm holes, time traveling or black holes)!


Usually what I would do is go through several (like a lot) of sites, Pinterest (with many search keywords), for current shows and fashion trends and graphic fashion searches on Google, which are great sources.  But to think I might go to one basic source is really a neat idea. 

Even some things that I might not really care about, suddenly become very interesting.

And things that I know a lot about but want to know more become very worthwhile.

And excuse me but who doesn’t want to know more about this beautiful garment.

And history has always been a source of fashion – and I mean current fashion (I won’t go through the preponderance of examples), but talk about inspiration…..
And look at that link on the right of this example… cool does that look (you can click the photo to make it larger).


This is the beginning of this project, and my hope is that it is a continuing effort because, like art, fashion never stops or ends!  There is always something new about fashion.


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