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Hot Off the Presses

This news is hot and very recent so wanted to share now.

This is a list of the most searched for brands on the internet.  Why is this important?

  1. Because this is where the trends are moving

  2. Because this is at least worth a look (trends need to be followed)

  3. Because if you want a fresher look, you can incorporate what works best for you in your sewing – NOT the whole look, but parts

  4. Because it keeps you in the loop so that you can be ahead of a trend – especially when the trend is something you like – which is one of the most advantageous reasons to sew!

This is from the BOF site and this link.  I’m really beginning to like this reporting as the articles are very pertinent to fashion – sort of like the old WWD in the 70’s & the 80’s.  What’s the REAL news behind this list is that the Vetements brand which took the world by storm is not only plateauing, but it’s also diving a little as compared to older more couture brands like Balenciaga.  The point is that the flash in the pan is just that and the old guard lasts for a reason.

What does that mean to sewists – it’s good to freshen up your wardrobe, but the truth is that the classics sell, they sell always, and they last.  That should strike a very harmonic chord with every person who sews – sew classically and it will last, it will endure and (unbeknownst to those who are buying all those cheap clothes), it’s cheaper!

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