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Spring Weddings – Emily

Spring Weddings - Emily

Again, there is NOTHING more fun for me than taking an older dress and making it all new again. Emily was a client who came to me with her old deb dress and wanted to create something new for her. Her new dress is a lot more […]

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Spring Weddings – Kathleen

Spring Weddings - Kathleen

Each wedding brings its own set of puzzles to be solved.  That is what is so much fun about what I’ve done.  OK, I’ve solved this puzzle and that one, give me another – love a new puzzle.  Kathleen was a whole lot of fun and she […]

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Spring Weddings – Rafia

Spring Weddings - Rafia

Not all my brides have trekked down the aisle, however enough so that I can finally show you what I’ve been up to this spring.  Weddings come in bunches – every 4 or 5 years, there’s a bunch.  I have a philosophy I’ve worked out about this over […]

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