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What to take away from the Golden Globe

Here we are at the New Year and barely room to breathe when the Red Carpet Season starts and it starts with one of the biggies and in my mind one of the best.  Some of these award shows are a contest to see who can be the weirdest, and I hardly even look at them anymore.  BAFTA, Oscars and Golden Globes are some of the most famous and certainly worth a watch.

This year I did a whole review on my Facebook profile.  I think you should be able to see this even if you aren’t on Facebook – I hope so.

One of the things I mentioned over and over is the waistline, and almost every dress, outfit there had a waistline, and the prettier ones had the waistline raised.  I know I mentioned it a lot in the descriptions, but it’s worth noting again.  A RAISED WAISTLINE IS HOT!  That means if you’re making an outfit now, and even if you don’t have a waistline, if you slightly indent at the waist or just below the bust, you have the look.  You don’t have to have this at empire – right below the bust, and certainly not on the waist.  And you do have to know where your waist is.

For women that is the area below the lowest rib and above the hip.  This has been totally lost in the last 20 years since Alexander McQueen introduced the hipster to fashion.  Many people believe their waist is even with their belly button.  It is not.  It’s between the lowest rib and the upper part of the side hip bone.  The reason this is important is that this is what’s marked on the pattern and if you are measuring your waist at your belly button, your pattern is going to be completely wonky.

It’s also good to know because hipsters are out and raised waistlines are in.  No, you don’t have to depend upon the local fashion store to find it, nor the clerk to have enough sense to purchase it for the store.  You can make that puppy yourself.  Simply make sure your waist is raised – maybe as much as 1″ or as little as 1/2″.

Next thing to notice is glamour is in and in particular femininity.  We’ve seen this for a while from Lady Gaga (remember the raw meat dress she wore to one Oscar show….look at her outfit on the Facebook post I did – va-va-va-voom!!!!) to some of the grande dames of the red carpet, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta-Jones and some younger ones like Lupita Nyong’o all had glamourous movie-star type dresses and looked like they came to show off their glamour which is what the Red Carpet is all about.

Dresses are also in, well that goes along with femininity.


So here’s the big uptake, if you don’t have a dress in your closet, make one.  I’m seriously thinking of taking one of my all time fav Geoffrey Beene patterns and making it in ponte knit, because I love having things stretch, and ponte is that perfect fabric for that.  This requires a drafted sleeve and a few alterations on the side seam to create an FBA, but this has been one of my favorite patterns.




If you do have a dress in your closet with no waist, put a belt on it, and keep it above the waist.  If you are making a new dress, keep the waist just above the waist.




If you like girly-girly things, ruffles, bows, they’re good – not a lot right now, but as time goes on, things will get frillier.   This is from John Galliano’s Spring/2019 show – lots of ruffles, but it will take a while to get to the street.






If you don’t have an hourglass figure, a simply indentation at the side seam will do the trick.  Here’s an insider secret:  an FBA will do this so well, it will make you cry.  I’m not kidding.  Do if you want to add the line that will make you “look” like you have a waist, this is the first step, and the second is simply nip in “above the waist”!

As opposed to past years, styles from the Red Carpet are prettier and prettier.  They are fun and a joy to watch….most of the time!



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