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French Quilted Jacket

Or as I like to call it the FQJ for short.  This is that famous jacket from France that everyone wants.  From the grandest of grande dames of high society to the most forward of music divas, all of them find the jacket not only appropriate for practically any occasion, but also because the jacket is so comfortable.  

It even garnered it’s own famous New Yorker cartoon cover! How can that be?  It’s hard to explain unless you’ve had the fun of trying one on or have made one.  But they are very pricey to purchase (which is one reason the rich and famous wear them), and they take a lot of time, and a lot of handwork to make which is a great part of why they are so expensive.  They almost always have intricately detailed handwork involved in the making of them that is not hard but is time-consuming.  But once you have one, you will truly enjoy the wearing of them.

It’s hard to explain why they are so delightful to wear except to say that they are like a wonderful garment that you have had for years and that’s why it feels so beautiful on you.  And like a lot of garments that are made, they are also extremely lightweight.  So much so that they bely\ie the work that they contain.


There are a myriad of creative options open to you in this garment while staying within the original concept of the garment.  It had been created to be a comfortable but elegant garment that could always be worn with ease and yet so elegant that it didn’t ever require much jewelry.  The whole idea is to keep it comfortable, elegant, but also stylish and modern.


The original jacket was somewhat boxy and the jacket I like to make for myself and teach is the more modern style.  It’s much more updated and each jacket I teach or make has to be tailored to the proportion, style, shape, and size of the client or student.  This IS the epitome of the classic jacket and they should always be made to last for decades.


This fall I’m teaching the French Quilted Jacket series at Bernina of OKC.  If you are interested, please sign up here, or call the store at 405.840.8911.


Dates & Description of the Classes:
Series I, we will fit your muslin and start the fabric-cutting process.
Series II, we will assemble the jacket and start working on trims.
Series III, we will finish your jacket learning the finishing techniques that will complete your jacket and plan for our La Baguette luncheon to show off our jackets in December!
Make-Up Class (if you need it)There will also be a make-up class in December for those who would like to have it.

A Special Bonus:
But there’s a bonus this year.  I will have a meet-up in Dallas where we can visit the Dior exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, visit a local high-end retailer, have lunch where you will receive a special gift from me, and then trek out to Fabrique Fabrics, one of the best fabric stores in Texas.    If you need more info on this trip, click here.  

Here’s some photos of past students in their jackets. Click the photo below for more pictures of jackets.

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