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Color Primer

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This is one of THE most important parts of the Elements of Design, and that's why I did this whole resource separately from the Elements & Principles of Design. There is so much to color - not only hue, but intensity and shade. What I wanted to do here is to give you a great background so that when you are describing color, you can talk intelligently about it, but also so when you are thinking about color for yourself or your family, you can make intelligent choices. Color DOES matter, and there are colors that we all look good in and look bad in and of course we want to avoid those.

Color is also one of the major ways we select fabrics, and whether you are doing this online or in the store,
  • to know the difference a black/tan fabric and a black/white fabric and the nuances in color, can help you immensely.
  • How to know the difference between a warm gray and a cool grey.
  • Print color is comprised of completely different color components than dye color or light color and what those differences are.
  • Color projects and recedes, so what are the differences there.
  • What is Hue?...Intensity?...Shade?...and why they're so important.
  • How to purchase color online with complete guides and info on charts so you know before you buy exactly what color you're getting

You can begin to see how much there is to know about color. I've included that here and although there is a lot of info in this resource, you get to download it and refer to it anytime you want! Read through the whole resource, even though you might not retain all of it, you will remember what's in it and can always refer back to it when you need it.

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