Tired of looking like everyone else? Can’t seem to get your fit right? And what the heck is proportion and sewing for my style anyway? This is the right place for sewing with flare, fit and fashion. You can upgrade your skills and get some fashionable, comfortable, individualized clothes in your closet.

Invigorate your sewing mojo and start enjoying the art of sewing that will add immeasurable joy to your wardrobe, give you years of wear – – that’s not counting how good you’re gonna feel in clothes that fit!

Elements of Design & Principles of Design & Color Resource

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This the whole shebang at a 20% discount. Working with the elements like line, shape, value, color, space, texture, size and space is fine, but what do you do with all that like contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity and what do those terms really refer to? These are the basics of art design. I got these in art school when I was in college, and I would have much rather been in clothing design, but it wasn't offered then (a whole other story in the about page), but the great thing is that I might not have gotten then studying about clothes, but I did in studying about art, and I've used them a lot. Here's the thing. You know when something's right and you know when it's wrong, but sometimes, you can't figure out why it's right or wrong, and that's what these help you with. When you have an outfit with too much of something but maybe okay in other areas, this really does help nail that. I've used this over and over and even subconsciously not knowing how I was using it. When I started teaching, that's when I figured out what I was doing. So here's the whole package at a 20% discount if you got these separately. You'll thank me later!

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