Tired of looking like everyone else? Can’t seem to get your fit right? And what the heck is proportion and sewing for my style anyway? This is the right place for sewing with flare, fit and fashion. You can upgrade your skills and get some fashionable, comfortable, individualized clothes in your closet.

Invigorate your sewing mojo and start enjoying the art of sewing that will add immeasurable joy to your wardrobe, give you years of wear – – that’s not counting how good you’re gonna feel in clothes that fit!

Entire Sleeve Package w-Two Bonuses

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This includes all the different Sleeve resources in one package at 20% discount to the price of all these resources. Additionally, you get a bonus download that is only available in this package. Here's what's included:

Basic Sleeve Insertion
Sleeve Head Placement
What's So Great About The FBA
Drafting Your Own Sleeve Block
Sleeve Variations
Sleeve Details (including the pattern)
Armscye Alterations
Bonus 1: Fitting Stance - To correctly fit, you must be in the correct pose or stance - find out what that is.
Bonus 2 - Integrating the Shoulder Armscye and Bust Area - Key to understanding how these individual parts work as a whole to compliment, flatter and frame the most important part of your body! This is a marvelous resource in itself, however, because you need to have all the other information before tackling this, I've included this valuable resource here only.

This is a lot of information to go through and covers a huge part of the fitting problems close to your face. But this resource is meant for you to keep it on your computer so that you can refer to it over and over. You can print it as many times as you want or view it as many times, without having to pay for it again or pay to view it again. Sewing is a step-by-step process, and even though these contain a lot of steps, they aren't complicated and they aren't hard - it's simply that they must be done in order for you to have a better chance at success. You can do them out of order, but that's a lot harder and fraught with problems that you really don't need. This is one small page, with the links to all the other resources on this page - it makes downloading it a lot quicker and simpler.

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