Tired of looking like everyone else? Can’t seem to get your fit right? And what the heck is proportion and sewing for my style anyway? This is the right place for sewing with flare, fit and fashion. You can upgrade your skills and get some fashionable, comfortable, individualized clothes in your closet.

Invigorate your sewing mojo and start enjoying the art of sewing that will add immeasurable joy to your wardrobe, give you years of wear – – that’s not counting how good you’re gonna feel in clothes that fit!

The Sleeve Block

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Holy cow - now talk about empowering - what if you could have a sleeve for any armscye that’s out there? Now that’s freedom. Here’s the classic sleeve block that you would learn if you go to design school. It looks a little intimidating, but let’s face it, before you did a few buttonholes, they were intimidating. This is once again one of those step-by-step processes that instructs you with each step on how to draft out your very own sleeve block. But what about making this sleeve block into different sleeve types? It’s like your sleeve is on steroids! This is to help you ratchet up your skills a lot and yet you don’t have to be an expert designer or have a doctorate from FIT to do it! Simply follow the steps! Please don't be intimidated by this. Most of sewing is a step by step process and this is exactly what this resource is. Work through the steps one at a time, and when you're finished, you will be shocked! There's also a video to help you.

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