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Size, Shape and Style – Part 2

Now to shape – part 2 in organizing your selections for your wardrobe.  I don’t often do this, but I’m posting two blogs today – this one on shape and the next one on size.  That way you can get the whole Size, Shape & Style close […]

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Size, Shape and Style – Part 3

This is the final part of the Size, Shape and Style series, and yes size is important, but believe it or not it’s probably the easiest. It’s pretty easy to figure this one out Usually somewhere on the envelope are measurements for various parts of the body.  […]

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Being Creative

I talked (hopefully enough to convince you) about how everyone is creative, but in case you don’t believe me….here’s a real live professional who says just that – everyone is creative in his/her own way.  It’s a great video to watch. But here’s the nuts and bolts […]

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Creative Schmreative!!!!

Ok – you hear lots of folks talk about being creative, and you instantly think that’s being artistic. I beg to differ. Now, I love being an artist, and if I had a choice of vocations, this is what I would be.  However I was raised in […]

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Why Designers Design?…..

…..or more succinctly how does the process work?  Why do we care? The obvious answer is – because it’s there!  You know the smart aleck remark to why climb a mountain……because it’s there.  But really why do designers design and how do they design? Most of the […]

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SAG Award Show Rundown

The SAG awards were Sunday night and I thought the big winners were the grande dames (and I can’t believe they’re that old to be the grande dames of Hollywood – but they are!)  I guess when you’ve done this year in and year out, you get […]

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