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It’s Still The Beautiful That Sells

It's Still The Beautiful That Sells

It was really hard for me to understand the grip that Grunge had on fashion for the last two decades and longer.  That “Ugly was beautiful” was so irrational to me.  I understand there was (as there always is in fashion) a swing away from the opulence […]

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Sometimes Things Weren’t So Bad Back Then…..

Sometimes Things Weren't So Bad Back Then.....

….and then sometimes they were that bad!!! But the good first…some of these are simply classic, and who cares other than something fun to scroll through….because if you see what classic was back then, it gives you a better idea about what’s classic today.   Also styles that […]

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Classic…..Or Not!

Classic.....Or Not!

This is another one of my fav subjects, but an encounter with a book of patterns classified as “essentials” got me thinking I needed to update this subject a little.   Classic sometimes gets a beef that it’s boring.   It’s anything but boring.  It’s its own […]

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