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My Fashionista Past (and Present)!

Many times I’ve talked about how you can sew to drive even the most ardent fashionista green.  It’s true. I know. I did it for years.  I still do it today. While I was in the waning stages of my apprenticeship under my mentor, I was sewing […]

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Sewing for Claire

As soon as I get my calendar straightened out, I will do an update on what I’m doing for myself – my take on the Breton Shirt from Hot Patterns, an Ultrasuede jacket in Palm Beach Peach – it’ll be that great orange for spring and summer […]

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Artists and who are they?

I’ll admit.  I have a passion for bucking the status quo and changing things up a bit.  OK, maybe it borders on being a little obsessive, but I think it’s still normal….I think!!! As a little background, most of you know my “run-in” with the local Home […]

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I am NOT a Sewer

I do not need Draino, or to be unstopped.  I do not smell (thankyouverymuchladiesandgentlemen – unless of course I’m from Paris, and I smell delightful and have tours regularly!).  And most of all I am not attended to by men wearing un-intentional hipsters (usually viewed from the […]

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