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Darts are the Magical Cure All

Darts really are the cure all for most fitting ills.  The problem is where to put them and what’s right and what’s not. That falls into two categories….where to put dart to get the best fit, and where to put dart for the best look. This spring […]

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So what’s good and what’s not

I’ve talked a lot about pants and how to fit them and the components of fitting. But haven’t talked a lot about what makes a good fit and what doesn’t.  And that’s just as confusing, considering the plethora of stretch pants out there but also the paint […]

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Pants – the Einsteinian Zone

Good grief – what in the world is Claire talking about now?!!!  This is my cute way to deal with some very confusing spots in altering around patterns….specifically an area that when you release a seam you are actually making it smaller, when you take up a […]

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I Don’t Get It

….which is the name of a pretty funny blog, but in this case, I don’t get why there hasn’t been a solution.  As trend, need and searching-out-the-latest-niche heavy our marketing apparatuses are, why we can’t find or haven’t found an adequate solution to this ongoing problem. As […]

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Wrinkles – the bad kind

Sometimes wrinkles are good.  I like the wrinkles in my linen and long-staple cotton blouses.  It tells me that they’re really 100% natural.  But some wrinkles aren’t good. These are just two examples, and although I’m sure most of you know this, it’s good to review. and […]

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