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Haider Ackerman

NOTE:  I think this got posted, but I’m not sure – so I’m posting it again (I’m learning the new format of WordPress!) Deb asks about Haider Ackerman and his fall show and how to adapt his designs for patterns.  I love stuff like this so here […]

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New designers….

There’s a neat little article on some of the new designers coming up and who to watch.  I always love this cause it’s fun to see what new stuff is coming out of those fresh young minds. First up:  Karen Walker Wow – what fun ideas…the one […]

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And now for what Kate Wore….

As for Mrs. O, there’s a site that follows what Kate wore, and you can usually buy it if it’s not out of stock by the time you get to the site.  However if you sew, you can take your time.  I’ve picked out two selections from […]

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Dealing with Sewing Roadblocks

I see this so much in my students, and my heart goes out to them….to quote an old politician:  “I feel your pain!” I can not tell you how many times this happened to me. People look at me and what I can do today, but it […]

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Spring Shows turn toward Haute Couture

Every time I hear this (at least for the last decade), I’ve not looked forward to it, till the last year or so.  I love the trend fashion is taking – more feminine, more pretty, more vive la différence! And every new season there’s the emphasis on […]

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SAG Award Show Rundown

The SAG awards were Sunday night and I thought the big winners were the grande dames (and I can’t believe they’re that old to be the grande dames of Hollywood – but they are!)  I guess when you’ve done this year in and year out, you get […]

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My nephew’s wedding

My nephew's wedding

Although there wasn’t much I could do for him (he really doesn’t wear deb or wedding gowns), I did offer to do my nephew’s fiancee’s wedding gown and we had a blast.  It was not only a great way to get to know her, but also a […]

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