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Learn How to Create A Stunning, Fashionable and Comfortable Wardrobe...

And never settle for buying off the rack again!


Hey guys, it's me... Claire Kennedy...

Or as many of you know me, The Fitting Queen.

For years, I’ve been teaching aspiring designers how to say goodbye to buying off the rack and hello to designing their own custom wardrobe!

My hands-on classes have helped students move past the basics and create beautiful custom designs on their own… designs that not only work with their specific body type but also capture the latest celebrity trends and techniques!

Now one of the things that you'll quickly learn about me is that I'm absolutely passionate about sharing my love of sewing with others... and more importantly, this instruction has enabled my students to create some amazing outfits!

And now you can get this amazing instruction delivered right to your front door!


Introducing Design U…
My exclusive sewing and design newsletter series!

This powerful program will teach you how to take inspiration from the fashion runway and turn it into your own custom wardrobe! Every month, you’ll receive a new issue chocked full of amazing sewing tools and techniques and you can follow along with me, step-by-step!

  • Join me as I highlight a specific celebrity look – learn not only how they did it, but also how to make it work for you!

  • Discover new ideas and trends you can use to update your wardrobe!

  • Get the inside scoop on the fashion runway – what’s hot, what’s not and what you can use from the latest fashion show designs!

  • And so much more!

In fact, this newsletter has everything you need to create a stunning, fashionable wardrobe… and the best part is, you’ll never have to settle for buying off the rack again!


Exactly what you've been waiting for…

After years of teaching design in a hands-on environment, I’ve realized that what my students really needed was something that would help them take that next step…

Something that would give them the tools they needed to create complex designs with confidence…

Something that would help them create that WOW factor and become the design divas they aspire to be!

In fact, you'll notice that I refer to my students as "sewists"... that's "sew" + "artist" - a term that I've come to use often because designing is most certainly an art and while we may wield a needle and thread instead of a paintbrush, the designs I've seen my students create most certainly qualify as masterpieces!

And because of this, I’ve purposely made sure that this program doesn’t waste time on teaching simple basics… instead, I skip how to thread a machine, sew an apron in an hour or press a seam and go straight to the good stuff!

What that means is that you’ll finally have access to the tips and techniques that I use to create all my stunning designs!

Where it all started for me…

Like most sewists and seamsters, I started with my Barbie. She was a great doll and could do all the things I couldn’t… party all night, sleep all day and all without worrying about school or chores!

But my Barbie sorely lacked a wardrobe for this global jet-setting life and I was happy to fill that void for her, designing and sewing an extensive Barbie wardrobe all by hand. Of course, as my skills progressed so did my projects and it wasn’t long before I started looking for ways to apply those skills to my own wardrobe…

I just wasn’t accomplished enough. I could fake a few things but when it came to those tell-tale professional finishing techniques, I was lost. Even though I knew I could do it, I hadn’t yet learned those “advanced” techniques that would allow me to create the couture styles I was dreaming about.

And then I met my mentor.

What started off as a 10-week sewing course turned into about 10 years of design discovery! My teacher taught me everything from cuffs and lapels to working (successfully!) with plaid and the minute she suspected a particular technique intimidating me in any way, she made me sew multiple patterns using that technique so that I would never shy away from it again.

It was during this time that I attended a local fundraiser featuring none other than Issac Mizrahi and I designed a full formal dress for the occasion. I introduced myself to Issac as a “little local designer” and in that wonderful voice of his, he said, “Darling, no one is little… you look smashing!”

It was then that I realized that truly creative people aren’t just in it to create – they’re also very generous about helping others find that groove as well. Issac was not only supportive, but also very open about his process, what he does and what he likes. He didn’t denigrate or discourage and that was exactly the boost I needed!

And now it’s my turn to pass this wisdom off to you!


Sign up for my newsletter series and I’ll share everything I know about custom design!

I’ll show you how to create magnificent pieces that work with your unique shape and style… pieces so beautiful and flattering that you’ll never want to buy off the rack again!


So, why did I create this newsletter???

Simple... I've been EXACTLY where you are now!

  • I too, have experienced the immense disappointment that comes from not being able to sew garments that looked professional...

  • I know what it's like to wear clothes that don't fit the way they should...

  • I know how it feels when you don't have the skills, techniques and knowledge to complete a project successfully...

  • And I understand the frustration of knowing what I want to wear, but not having the knowledge to pick the right patterns and fabrics to make it happen!

And that's why I want to make sure that as an aspiring sewist, you have everything you need to create the wardrobe of your dreams!

Overcoming Your Fear...    

     "I had the concept of experimentation reinforced. I have often had problems because of perfectionism and fear of "ruining" a project because of lack of experience. Claire emphasized the importance of trying new things and also that fit was something that is attainable by anyone willing to try.

     Thank you so much for making it possible for me to take part in your class!"

~ Joan Rhea, North Carolina

Love the Encouragement...    

     "I wanted a useable dressform and I got it! It has turned out to be so much more beneficial than I originally imagined.

     I loved-loved-loved the class. It was worth every penny. The encouragement and "light at the end of the tunnel" feeling was as good as having the nice dressform finished!"

~ LaVonda Carpenter, Arkansas

Everything Can Be Fixed...    

     "I really enjoy being with other sewists who "get it" and speak the same language.

     The most important thing I learned was that EVERYTHING can be fixed!"

~ Sody Clements, Oklahoma


Okay, okay… so I know what you’re asking … how much?

I'll be honest... this program could easily sell for $99 per month... but I'm committed to helping as many people as I can and because of that

I’m going to discount this price by 50%!

That means that you can lock in your subscription right now for just $49.95 per month! And no matter how much I charge for this amazing program in the future, your price will NEVER GO UP!


To make sure that you have ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to create the perfect wardrobe, I’m going to include SEVEN VERY SPECIAL BONUSES for subscribers that act right away:



Fabric Use Chart

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to match fabric to pattern or garment.  This is a great brief chart to walk you through some ideas, that can allow you to start making intelligent and sound choices toward matching garment to fabric. This is a concise document meant to take to the fabric store with you so that while you are working with one or another garment, and you see some fabric that you would love to make up, but don’t know what pattern to look for, this is a great place to start.  I don’t know about you, but I get side tracked all the time when I’m at a fabric store, and I have 30 plus years of working for clients, and I still get side tracked.  A guide like this is like having me with my 30 years of experience in your back pocket.

This guide is not for sale separately.  ($9.49 Value)


How to Care for Your Knit and Stretch Garments

Although you may think that this is a fairly easy job, after you have spent your good time working on a knit or stretch garment, the last thing in the world you want is to mess it up.  Junk fashion is one thing, but your fine knits and stretch garments can retain their elasticity for a long time with the right care.  This guide outlines what you can do to keep your garment looking like new and clean.

These guidelines are so that you won’t make the mistake I did, after I completed some of my most favorite garments, and they were ruined very quickly by my poor care of the knit garments.  One of the amazing things you’re going to find is how much finer, heavier, better-made and sturdier your knits are than the cheap stuff at Target or WalMart.  Why take the chance.  This guide outlines all the tools and techniques you’ll need to keep your garments fresh, and believe me there are some simple techniques, but you will want to know them.

($14.95 Value)


A Complete List of Tools to Have Close to Your Machine and Why!

This is an extensive list of my best recommendations of the tools that I use next to my machine.  This includes the small and seemingly insignificant to the best you can buy.  Some of this is basic, and some of it is very helpful and may seem minor until you use them, and then suddenly, you have a new friend!!!

Including links where to purchase them, this is an invaluable list of everything you will need and then some.  I also explain why I have each of these tools by my side when I’m sewing and why you should have them..

This is a must-have report! ($7.50 Value)


Sewing Machine Feet - What are The Must-Haves, Essentials and Extras that Can Make Your Sewing Easier and More Professional

Yes, your machine may come with some of these feet, but if you want to get some extras, where do you start?….what do they do?…and how much do you really need them?  Here I explain the difference between the feet that you can not sew without, and those that are lagniappe.  Why buy all the feet only to find out you really don’t need them.

In this report, you’ll learn not only the feet you’ll need but what they do and why I recommend them in the order I do.  Again, this is all to save you time and money so that you can get down to creating your fabulous wardrobe instead of out there figuring what’s a good foot and what isn’t!

 ($14.95 Value)


The Machine Needle - What Do They All Do and Why You Need Them (or Don't!)

This was a lot of fun to put together because I have been round and round with my needles.  I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think you needed anything other than a sharp eye for sewing on your machine.  Oh how wrong could a person be.  I can not tell you the headaches (and heartaches) I went through just to get to the point where I learned that a simple dang-fangled needle makes a huge difference in how your machine works.  It’s worth it to pay attention to this and get this list of specifications that helps you make your sewing more professional looking.

This compilation is fresh off the press and has not been offered anyplace else on  You will be the first to get it and get all the up-to-date info.

 ($7.49 Value)


My Most Favorite Way of Designing Patterns... Just Read It And You'll Love This Technique!

Honestly, this is the main method I use to create so many of my patterns for my fabulous clients.  After I use this technique there might be a little tweaking here and there, but this is the best and most efficient method I know.

For 30+ years I’ve been designing and making wedding, debutante and formal wear for my clients.  For me to be the most efficient at time management for them, just makes the price that much lower for them, and more efficient for me, so I constantly have been working to make sure that I am using the most time efficient management when it comes to sewing for my clients, and this technique has been in my arsenal for decades and I would be lost without it.

($65.00 Value)


Special Introductory Offer to Design U

I am so sure that you're going to love Design U that I'm going to give you TWO MONTHS ABSOLUTELY FREE! That means two months of Design U Newsletters PLUS all the mini-newsletters and access to all the goodies and bonuses that come with it!

You'll also have access to the Members Area, which means you can browse all the Design U archives too!

And you'll have TWO FULL MONTHS to decide if Design U is right for you, FREE!

This guide is not for sale separately.  ($100.00 Value)


Want to see what Design U is all about? You can! Just watch this behind-the-scenes video to see exactly what you’ll get!

As a Design U member, you’ll not only learn about the correct assembly techniques of sewing, but also how to fashion your garments with a fit that works for you.  

This is an incredible resource that I really want to share with you and I know when you see what we’re doing in Design U, you will want to be a part of it. 

After your two-month free trial, you can continue your Design U access for just $49.95 per month…You can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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So, let’s review…

You get to keep all six bonuses no matter what… There's no long-term contract here so, if at any time, you decide you are not receiving all the value, inspiration, strategies, lessons, take-aways and yes, even a little entertainment that I promise to deliver, you can cancel at any time!

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Just imagine....

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