ActiveWear Details

ActiveWear Details


Here’s the skinny on the details that can make this an on-so-comfy dress-up style that you will love wearing!


One of the hottest trends in fashion right now is activewear as more than a garment for the gym.  These styles and patterns are taking over the street and they are a blast to sew with.

Think of it this way – if they are comfy for the gym, how are they going to feel wearing them on the street?….One word – fabulous.  But there’s more to these styles that just grabbing a piece of activewear type fabric and making them up.

A good part of what makes these garments fabulous is the fabric you use, but the details will make or break it, and here’s not only some great details, but ideas about the future fashion trends.  This document also includes a great basic video on the knit neckline finishing.  This is a technique that you can use for the simplest or more intricate trims – it’s the standard, go-to method of finishing the neckline in stretch fabrics.


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