Dart Construction


A concise description of how to construct your darts so that they look professional every time – with a bonus at the end of the video!


Want to know how to make a really great dart? Same way you get to Carnegie Hall!  But here’s the good news, it doesn’t take nearly as long, and with a few guidelines, it isn’t that hard.  However, you mess up a dart and it will really show, so it’s important to get it right.   It’s like a huge neon arrow pointing and just the wrong spot on your garment.  You get it right and you look like you don’t have a fitting problem at all – and that’s what we really want.  This includes some dart exercises and guidelines to making that perfect dart and there are some rules and regs here.

Like everything else, once you know them and get into the habit of using them your darts will turn out perfectly every time.  In the document is a link to a video that contains an extra lesson at the end.  This is something I see in my classes all the time that confounds my students.  It’s easy to fix IF you know where to look, but how about just skipping making the mistake and doing it right the first time.  I like that better!!!  It’s faster and much easier.

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