Dart Placement and Design – Advanced


This is NOT your grandmother’s dart!  This download shows you common dart placement and how to vary from that with interesting adjustments and alterations to darts.  Includes download links for videos.

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Dart placement sounds like child’s play, but the truth is that if the dart is either in the wrong place or in an irregular place, not only will it not fit the area the dart is designed to fit, it will draw attention to an already sensitive area that is not good.  On the other hand, if the dart placement is right where it’s supposed to be, it can make a garment really look like you are a perfect size… whatever…and don’t need to alter your clothes at all!

We know better!  This is an extensive document on not only common and traditional dart placement, but how to rotate and otherwise modify them to get into some very exciting design features that darts can alter your slopers and moulages into something completely different and express your creativity – the way YOU want to!  Have fun with these techniques and get ready to do some fun experimenting with designing and darts.

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