Fabric Online Shopping Guide


So you see this fabric online….how can you tell if it’s right for you – for your project.  Here is a great  step-by-step guide on how to go through and take your first steps in ordering fabric online.  The purpose here is to get you comfy with this process cause there’s a lot of beautiful fabric out there you’re missing!


With so many local and independent stores closing, it’s getting harder and harder to find good fabrics (much less fine fabrics), unless you shop online.  The truth is that like a lot of clothing retail, the brick and mortar stores are having a very hard time making it.  The ones who are, are using their stores as an introduction to their websites, not vice versa.  For we sewists, that leaves us with online resources as one of the few alternatives to purchasing fabrics.  And of course what we all hear most is, “I can’t touch the fabric,” or “I can’t see the real color of the fabric,”  or “I really don’t know what I’m purchasing!”  And that’s true – you can’t reach through the monitor and grab a piece to feel it and see it up close to see if it’s what will work for you.  But this isn’t the end of purchasing fabric – believe me.  There is a giant step here at first, and I know that, but once you take that step, you will NOT believe what’s available online.  Your fabric inventory will take a serious step up to a much higher quality level and therefore your wardrobe will be a finer much more durable and useable wardrobe – and that’s not counting how wonderful you will feel wearing these beautiful fabrics.  This guide is meant to get you past that first step with lots and lots of online resources, what to expect, what the online fabric stores expect, and the step-by-step process of negotiating those online purchases to get you into the hang of this new resource.  Truly the world will be your oyster once you start learning this process.  This is a longer and more expanded document from an email from my weekly emails with many additional links to aids, expanded discussion on many aspects of having a higher quality fabric stash and helpful guides to get you into purchasing online fabrics.

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