Create Your Own Timeless French Quilted Jacket


This is truly the quintessential jacket for seamstresses to learn.  Not only is this a step-by-step method which I teach in classes over a period of 3 months, here all this information is for you to use at your own speed.  Today this jacket retails for $5,000 and it is not the couture quilted model.  The jacket in this instruction is the quilted version.   This starts with choosing the correct fabric, to the details of the trim which make the current jacket still one of the most coveted garments celebrities wear.  This jacket is the updated version that are currently shown.  It is a closer fit and more modern cut than the original jacket of the 1950’s.

For Advanced Sewists

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This is a complete step-by-step ebook on making your own quilted jacket. This is the classic jacket French Quilted Jacket that has been such a mainstay in most fashionista’s wardrobe. These are step-by-step instructions that will walk you through all the techniques and methods to make your very own jacket just the way you want.  These instsructions are based on the techniques for the original designer’s jacket, however I have included the more updated model for pattern selection and style.  If you had the choice of going to the store and purchasing the 1950’s model or the 2010’s model, you would probably choose the later, and that’s why I prefer teaching the more updated mode.

Inside, we’ll cover:

  • Selecting the fabric (what you need to know to make this look right)
  • Pattern suggestions from 3 pattern companies
  • Altering the patterns to make them have the distinctive FQJ look
  • Fitting the Muslin
  • Cutting it Out (there are rules here that really help)
  • Quilting
  • Assembly of Fabric and Lining
  • Sleeve Assembly
  • A complete tutorial on how to make self-lined shoulder pads
  • A pocket application tutorial
  • Finishing Techniques
  • Buttonhole Techniques and which to use
  • Trims (the most important part)

Here’s the thing: This jacket basically doesn’t have any “secretly hard” techniques. It’s time-consuming and that’s how the current design house has translated this classic jacket updated into a huge multi-million-dollar business that makes a garment that is so classic that it becomes fancied by not only the old money guard but the new and very hip monied as well. These jackets retail from $5,000 to $10,000 at the RTW (ready-to-wear – which means they are NOT couture) boutiques. But these RTW models are not quilted. To get the quilted model you have to go to the major stores (like 57th in NYC they run into the tens of thousands of dollars).

But if you know the techniques, you can make one for yourself. Not only that, but you can make it in the color you like, the style you like and the fit you like.

As an EXTRA BONUS – you get video tutorials throughout. The great thing about an ebook format is that within in are a lot of links, so this ebook not only contains the written instructions with photographs but also links to 11 instructional videos that will show you how to do different techniques and you progress through the step-by-step instructions, not only describing them, but also there are several techniques that I have developed to not only make this simpler but to give you fine tailored results. These include Prep work for FQJ, Pattern Alteration FQJ (you MUST fit this jacket as altering the jacket after you’ve made it is very difficult), Sleeve Alteration, Tissue Fit, Quilting FQJ, Sleeve Assembly FQJ, Finished Sleeve FQJ, Pockets for FQJ, Mitered Corners FQJ, Trim 1 and Trim 2.

I’ve organized this book in step-by-step format so that you work through each step taking you through several techniques that you will not only use on this jacket but will use on other garments (jackets and other tailored garments) as well. You’re not only learning how to make this jacket but gaining some additional techniques, like how to make a self-lined shoulder pad, how to do mitered corners and other techniques that you can use even if you aren’t making a But what makes this jacket so special? Why is the price of the current jacket so high? Are there some design elements that make it distinctive? All of these and more will be answered in the FQJ Book.

This is not a task that you can do over the weekend. This is the penultimate investment garment. You will wear it forever. The only reason I gave mine away is that it was, unfortunately, damaged in a flood by mold.  It stunk and I couldn’t get the stink out – a lesson for taking care of your clothes.   The others I still have (from the 1980’s to the present).

This jacket just does not go out of style. You may want to make another that is a little more updated, or another color, but you will still wear the original one. Remember this is not some highly technical or secret-skilled garment to make. It takes time.  That’s why the price is so high.  If you were to purchase this garment it would be made by expert seamstresses that do not use sewing machines (all had stitched) and they are paid a lot of money to do this!

But it isn’t hard, so it is as much the joy of making it as the joy of wearing it. Plus I take all the headache and heartache out of it because I’m going to tell you what fabric to buy, what lining to buy, why this technique is so important, why certain details are important. That way you can make all your choices as you go along – you’re not under the thumb of the designer’s choices, or the store clerk’s choices or the buyer’s choices – you can make all of your own choices about this wonderful piece.

I’ve been teaching this class for years, and it’s one of the most rewarding to teach because when the class is finished, the garment is treasured by my students.  This is not an ebook that you will use once and then forget. It is a publication filled with useful techniques that you can use in other garments and situations as well as a springboard for creativity to help you interpret this jacket just the way you want.

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