Front Bust Dart Alteration – Advanced



Want the Front Bust Dart on steroids – here it is.  This is for multiple front bust dart insertions into a garment.  If you have 1.) small shoulders and large chest or bust area or 2.) large differential between bust and waist, this dart technique is for you.  This can get a little confusing, that’s why I’ve done this is clear step-by-step process with 3 videos to show you how to do this and even a kickin’ variation that will make your garments sing….on pitch!  Ok, that sounds like a lot, but this is one of my big secret weapons in my arsenal to fit my clients.  This 1.) cleans up the shoulder and under shoulder area, 2.) Keeps the shoulder on the shoulder (if your shoulder isn’t fitting correctly, it doesn’t get any better below that), 3.) Gives you a clean line below the armhole and 4.) allows you to nip in just a little below the bust, and even if you don’t have a waist, you will look like you have one.    This includes a downloadable document with links to other documents within the download.  NOTE:  This includes all the information from the basic Front Bust Dart Alteration, but also the extra fitting info and multiple dart insertions as well as variations of those darts, so you don’t need to purchase the Front Bust Dart Alteration – it’s included here.

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