Front Bust Dart Alteration


This is the method used to take all that extra fabric out of your armhole and keep your shoulders on your shoulders which makes it my favorite secret weapon for fitting.


Without a doubt, my biggest secret weapon in fitting is this dart.  That is not overstating the power of this dart, and especially now when fashion is leaning toward fitting the upper waist, bust and portrait area and away from the Grunge and the hipsters.  This not only allows you to have your shoulders at your true shoulder line while fitting your bust and keeping it clean without gobs of fabric around your armholes.

This dart adds across the bust, adds length in front, but does not add length on the side nor does it add width to the shoulders.  That sounds impossible, but that’s how powerful this dart is.  And it’s not that hard. There are some rules to this process and once you follow them, you’re done.  This is basic instruction on the Front Bust Dart Alteration.

Follow the rules, and you’ll love this dart too.

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