Gold Membership – Free Trial

Gold Membership – Free Trial

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The Design U Gold Program is what Sewing Artistry is all about! As a Gold Member, your monthly subscription gives you access to some amazing resources and information about sewing, fashion and fitting your favorite looks to your body size and shape! Each month, we post a new Design U newsletter (and yes – you always have access to the archives too!). These newsletters are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your wardrobe… from step-by-step tutorials (such as exquisite Channel Jacket!) to fabric selection, celebrity looks and fashion trends and ideas you can use to update your wardrobe!

Plus as a Gold Member, you’ll also receive TWO ADDITIONAL MINI-NEWSLETTERS EACH MONTH! Gold members also receive the fantastic bonuses we regularly include with our newsletters…charts and patterns that you can download as well as how-to videos that walk you through a particular project step-by-step!

PLUS… you’ll get instant access to these free gifts:

BONUS GIFT #1 – Teleseminar Audio!


A while back, I hosted a free teleseminar (much like the one you just attended!) where I answered my subscribers’ most burning sewing and design questions. The response was overwhelming and while I wasn’t able to get to all the questions, I did answer most and the insight my readers gained from the event was invaluable.

And now I want to share that insight with you…

So, before you go any further, I invite you to listen to this teleseminar recording and see just how much you can gain by becoming part of the Sewing Artistry family!

Click here for the audio

 BONUS GIFT #2 – How to Care for your Knit and Stretch Garments – $14.95 value!

Although you may think that this is a fairly easy job, after you have spent your good time working on a knit or stretch garment, the last thing in the world you want is to mess it up.  Junk fashion is one thing, but your fine knits and stretch garments can retain their elasticity for a long time with the right care.  This guide outlines what you can do to keep your garment looking like new and clean.

These guidelines are so that you won’t make the mistake I did, after I completed some of my most favorite garments, and they were ruined very quickly by my poor care of the knit garments.  One of the amazing things you’re going to find is how much finer, heavier, better-made and sturdier your knits are than the cheap stuff at Target or WalMart.  Why take the chance.  This guide outlines all the tools and techniques you’ll need to keep your garments fresh, and believe me there are some simple techniques, but you will want to know them.

 BONUS GIFT #3 – A Complete List of Tools to Have Close To Your Machine and Why! – a $7.50 value!

This is an extensive list of my best recommendations of the tools that I use next to my machine.  This includes the small and seemingly insignificant to the best you can buy.  Some of this is basic, and some of it is very helpful and may seem minor until you use them, and then suddenly, you have a new friend!!!

Including links where to purchase them, this is an invaluable list of everything you will need and then some.  I also explain why I have each of these tools by my side when I’m sewing and why you should have them..

This is a must-have report!

 BONUS GIFT #4 – Sewing Machine Feet – What are The Must-Haves, Essentials, and Extras that Can Make Your Sewing Easier and More Professional – a $14.95 value

Yes, your machine may come with some of these feet, but if you want to get some extras, where do you start?….what do they do?…and how much do you really need them?  Here I explain the difference between the feet that you can not sew without, and those that are lagniappe.  Why buy all the feet only to find out you really don’t need them.

In this report, you’ll learn not only the feet you’ll need but what they do and why I recommend them in the order I do.  Again, this is all to save you time and money so that you can get down to creating your fabulous wardrobe instead of out there figuring what’s a good foot and what isn’t!

This report is not available for sale.

 BONUS GIFT #5 – The Machine Needle – What Do They All Do and Why You Need Them or Don’t – $7.49 value

This was a lot of fun to put together because I have been round and round with my needles.  I’ll be honest, I really didn’t think you needed anything other than a sharp eye for sewing on your machine.  Oh how wrong could a person be.  I can not tell you the headaches (and heartaches) I went through just to get to the point where I learned that a simple dang-fangled needle makes a huge difference in how your machine works.  It’s worth it to pay attention to this and get this list of specifications that helps you make your sewing more professional looking.

This compilation is fresh off the press and has not been offered anyplace else on  You will be the first to get it and get all the up-to-date info.

 BONUS GIFT #6 – My Most Favorite Way Of Designing Patterns…..Just Read It And You’ll Love This Technique – a $65.00 value

Honestly, this is the main method I use to create so many of my patterns for my fabulous clients.  After I use this technique there might be a little tweaking here and there, but this is the best and most efficient method I know.

For 30+ years I’ve been designing and making wedding, debutante and formal wear for my clients.  For me to be the most efficient at time management for them, just makes the price that much lower for them, and more efficient for me, so I constantly have been working to make sure that I am using the most time efficient management when it comes to sewing for my clients, and this technique has been in my arsenal for decades and I would be lost without it.

This Bonus is worth $65.00 easy, but you can have it for free. This is not available anywhere else.  

FREE!3  BONUS GIFT #7 – Fabric Use Chart – $9.49 Value!

One of the most frequent questions I get is how to match fabric to pattern or garment.  This is a great brief chart to walk you through some ideas, that can allow you to start making intelligent and sound choices toward matching garment to fabric. This is a concise document meant to take to the fabric store with you so that while you are working with one or another garment, and you see some fabric that you would love to make up, but don’t know what pattern to look for, this is a great place to start.  I don’t know about you, but I get side tracked all the time when I’m at a fabric store, and I have 30 plus years of working for clients, and I still get side tracked.  A guide like this is like having me with my 30 years of experience in your back pocket.

This guide is not for sale separately.

And you get access to all these great resources for a FULL 2 MONTHS… ABSOLUTELY FREE (the FREE GIFTS are yours to keep, no matter what)!

Just imagine….

No more settling for clothes that don’t fit or flatter ever again!

Just add your Design U Gold Membership to your cart and complete the short registration process… it’s fast, it’s easy and you’ll instantly be on your way to creating the wardrobe of your dreams!


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