How to Use Proportion Tools


Proportion Tools – These are tools I’ve developed fitting all my different clients’ sizes, shapes and styles, complete with a description of the techniques, how to use them and how they can apply to your clothes you’ve made and will make.




Ever wondered how designers and professionals determine the right length of a skirt, jacket, coat, tunic or any other garment?  They learned how to do this in design school and these are the rules for this sort of thing and what they are and how to apply them to your own wardrobe.   There are many other fitting techniques in this video such as the proper fitting of apex points (bust, fanny, tummy, hips, etc.), how to make a croquis of your body, how to use it and most importantly how to apply them to your sewing and your wardrobe.   This is a pdf document download that you keep.  In the document are links to video how to’s and instructions on how to use these basic art rules that can give you a great help in setting your own proper proportions for lengths of garments.  In addition, this includes printable guidelines that you can use at home in front of your mirror to help you set up good proportions for your garments.

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