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Want your shirt to look really smart and crisp, particularly around your face and collar region? How about learning how to include creative accents to that traditional tailor shirt. This class includes all of those techniques: how to turn your collar corners without pulling the raw edges out, how to attach the collar band to the front so that the collar band fits perfectly every time, how to do “housetop” cuff plackets and includes patterns for the placket. These can make or break a shirt and with some practice, can be easily mastered.

For Beginner to Medium Sewists

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What wardrobe is complete without a tailored shirt or two (or three or four…..or more!!!)? What does it take to make a beautiful tailored shirt?

A lot less than you think when you have some clear guidelines. This e-book covers:

  • collar laying correctly
  • turning your points so they are crisp and not ragged
  • standing/curving/shaping collars to stand and fold the way you want
  • assembly of the band and collar
  • sleeve placket assembly
  • sleeve placket pattern for any pattern
  • artistic variations used in fine men’s shirts
  • contrast ideas and how to use them, where they go

There is NOTHING like a great shirt in your closet – one that becomes a go-to garment for just throwing on for a casual trip to run errands, or under your most professional look to cap off a very tailored look.

Shirts can go from that casual classic look over jeans to cocktail look over a skirt with a great belt. The combinations and uses are endless. That’s why you see so many people in a shirt. Having a great tailored white shirt in your closet, whether winter or summer, is essential to a well-rounded wardrobe.

So how do you get to that great tailored look?It’s a lot easier than you think!

In this great e-book, I go through my best techniques… the ones I’ve used over the years, that work over and over. Instead of fretting over whether you’re going to mess up another piece of fabric, do yourself a favor and take the short cut.

Download this e-book and you will have some of the best techniques to make yourself your own shirt. And if you make a couple of shirts, and don’t come back to making shirts for a while, don’t worry about forgetting how to do this. That’s what’s so neat about the e-book. You can just thumb through it quickly and it all comes back. Sometimes it may be a while and I’ve been sewing garments for my clients, and get ready to do a shirt and get a little confused. That’s why I wrote all this down for myself. I quickly go through these pictures and voila – I’m there!

Artistic and Famous Men’s Shirts Variations: This e-book not only has the techniques, but also I’ve included a pattern for the sleeve placket that you can use on any shirt pattern. You can also use that pattern if you want a front placket on a shirt/top.

In addition, to that, I’ve included several variations that are used in famous brands men’s shirts. These variations not only add a bit of artistry, but they are traditionally characteristic of more expensive men’s shirts.

Why not give yourself the gift of this shirt without having the hassle of traveling to a large city (just to buy a shirt?????), but also having to fight all the traffic if you live in a large city and having to settle for a shirt, that isn’t your color, doesn’t really go with your wardrobe (or your whole style), and ends up clogging up the works in your wardrobe.

Why not pick out the fabric you want and make the shirt that looks good or you. How many times have you been out shopping for just a PLAIN, CLASSIC WHITE SHIRT!!! Good grief!

You’d think you were asking for gold or something!! Don’t be at the mercy of store clerks, retailer store buyers, designers and manufactures…..get off that assembly line of shopping for stuff that never works out anyway, and make a shirt that you want for your style and your likes.

How about the collar folding just the way you want:

  • Don’t like collars that always stand up – make it fold down like you like it
  • Don’t like collars that are always limp – make it crisp just the way you like it.
  • Don’t like collars that don’t stay up – make it stand up just like you want – on the sides or the whole back.
  • Don’t like collars with that curved up, fly-away look – make it so it curves just the way

I’m going to have to warn you though…

After you learn these techniques, you’re not going to want to buy your shirts anymore, cause you really are taking a crap shoot when you purchase a shirt as to whether the collar will lay or stand the way you want.

Each manufacturer is different; each designer is different; and each cut is different. I like having control over what I wear. I like choosing the nice fabric, color and style I want to wear which means that no matter summer or winter, thin times fat times, younger or older – I look well put together – and there’s nothing that I love more.

Have fun with this – practice it, do your classic first shirt, AND THEN do one of the artistic variations. They are not that hard and sooooo much fun!!!

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