Time Management Chart


Use the method professional corporations use the manage your time with this download which includes a worksheet and video link.


Wow!  Do you sit down and look forward to a sew-cation or simply a few days to sew, and realize about halfway through or the 2nd or 3rd day, you aren’t going to get half of what you wanted done?  Do you think you’re alone?  You’re not.  This is a typical problem that corporate managers run into all the time.  And so why not take a lesson from them.  They do what’s called Time Management and they have Time Management Charts that they use.  Here’s a pdf, that you can download and keep forever.  It’s interactive, which means that you fill it in with what works for your project(s) and then you can plot out the time it takes to make this or that garment.  And I’m talking about the big stuff like a coat or tailored jacket.  When you sit down and plot out the time blocks to do this, then you can see how much you’re doing and it doesn’t become so overwhelming!

This contains 2 documents:  The Time Management Chart, and the How To Use document.  Both are helpful and the How To Use document also has many more helpful guidelines in working through time management problems.

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