Well-Edited Wardrobe


How to create a wardrobe that works for you, and how to start your sewing list with priorities that you can actually use!


Where to start?!  I get this a lot with new clients and new students.  Where do I start if I want to make a long-lasting, useful wardrobe that reflects and flatters me?  It can be daunting, but this is alike a lot of great things in sewing – it’s a step-by-step process.  Even though it sounds monumental and way more than what you could tackle, with each step, and then the next you can do this.  Here are the guidelines I’ve developed over 50 years of sewing for clients and using this same technique for my students when they want to know where to start in building a well-edited wardrobe.  NOTE:  This is NOT a wardrobe that asks you to do without or do to sacrifice (unless it’s to sacrifice the crowded, overstuffed closet you have now).  This is a process by which you build a wardrobe that every garment has a purpose:  it must be functional for your style of life, it must be flattering for your shape and size and it must be a favorite, something that makes you feel special.  This way when you open your closet door, it’s a real treat.  WARNING:  This is not an overnight process.  It’s taken fashion 20 years to get to this overstuffed, junk-obsessed, more-useless-than-not closet.  It will take some time to weed out the bad and keep the good.  Staying with this process will ensure a wonderful workable wardrobe at the same time, give you a great sense of empowerment and satisfaction that your wardrobe works for you, not the other way around!

These two documents – one is an E-book, with instructions and explanations of the process, and the other is a Workbook, that takes you through the process step-by-step, are meant to be used together.  Please do read through the instructions (E-book), as they will help you understand definitions – like investment wardrobe and well-edited wardrobes.  Then you can enjoy and understand the purpose of the Workbook which is a wonderfully empowering tool to change not only your wardrobe but will put you put your sewing list on steroids that will allow you to use your most valuable resource, your time, to the best use possible!  NOTE:  There are two downloadable documents here.  So be sure and download both of them.

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