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Basic Insertion of the Sleeve Head

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The sleeve and particularly the sleeve head are close to the top and our face and therefore get a lot more scrutiny and when something is awry, it shows - big time. At the same time, the armscye/armhole is one of the hardest, if not the hardest alterations to make in the garment. That's why many pros always start with the shoulder measurement and then alter from there. We know that that armscye is a pain, and don't want to have to deal with it, but when you do make the effort to make an exceptionally handsome sleeve head, it's sort of a quiet way of saying, " I can sew and you can't - na, naa, naaaa!!!!" Mature aren't we?!!!

This has the basic methods of inserting the sleeve into the bodice, but also another method that I like to use that's a little quicker, and with some experience you can learn too. So this resource is a lot more than the basic insertion skills. It's also background information that is essential when you start making alterations and in particular when you start doing some of that tweaking for a good hang and tilt of the sleeve. And then there's why we take the effort to put all that ease into that dang armhole anyway, but also some guidance from bespoke tailors on exactly what a good set-in sleeve should look like since we aren't going to see anything like that in RTW.

But there's more - information on how to walk a sleeve head, how to put in a set-in sleeve in hard-to-ease fabrics like heavy and tightly woven fabrics, heavy cotton velvet, suede and leathers. And to finish this all of a modeling session of the blouse with all the point covered and why when you accomplish all these, then you wear the garment, not the other way around because there are no problems to see, you're lovely face and smile are what shines!

I wanted to pack this Introductory resource with a lot of information so that you can have not only a great value but also mechanics of how the sleeve insertion works. Although this is packed with information , it's concise, and you know me - I don't like wasting my time watching grass grow, so the videos and written explanations are concise as well. Step into this set-in sleeve resource and jumpstart your garment skills. This is also included in the Entire Sleeve Package with two extra bonuses for less than the price of all the pieces if you got them individually. Check it out here.

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