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Color Primer 00006

Color is vital for a great look. Wearing the correct color for you skin and hair tone - it can either complement or compete with your coloring. Complement, toning and blending in your correct color palette can honestly make or break an outfit. This download not only contains information that will help you better understand, describe and purchase correct color for you palette, with copious downloads, links and additional aids in helping you with color and your wardrobe.

This download also has how to purchase color online, and specific sites that can make purchasing online easier and much more successful. As more local stores and resource close, you can either learn to purchase online or be relegated to the 3rd-class fabrics available at the big-box stores. The online market is filled with so much more variety, such higher quality and extensive quantity, that it's like a whole new candy store for sewists.

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Color Primer Color Primer