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Correct Sleeve-Shoulder Placement

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Which one of these gals looks the best? Sounds simple enough - a sleeve starts at the shoulder - but where is that? And really, why is this important? It’s very important and something that is a part of the reason why so many garments look so poorly. But here’s the thing: you get the shoulder placement right, it helps so much that even if a lot of the other is wrong, the garment can look pretty darn good - the shoulder placement is that important. This shows how it is wrong, how to cure it and most important, how to find out where the sweet spot is for your shoulder placement. This is a very concise resource product that will save you a lot of time and worry when you are getting ready to start your sleeve. A proper placement will complete your professional look and improve your sewing results. This is also included in the Entire Sleeve Package with two extra bonuses for less than the price of all the pieces if you got them individually. Check it out here.

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