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Holiday Sewing - Part 1


Holiday Sewing - Part 1 00031

Yes, there will be a Part 2, but this talks about tops and since they are the closest to our face, that's what's most important. The next thing that's most important is that this shouldn't be brain surgery and it isn't. What it is is flattering, comfortable, and a lot of fun to wear which is what holiday clothing should be. It should make you happy to see it, happy to see yourself in it and happy to be in it. So most of all, let's have some fun and make something special for the holidays! Included are my helpful notices and guides to help you make this flattering for you as well as downloads and videos and lots and lots of links! This is a timely report, and so I won't have it up too long. Many of the information in here will be dated quickly, which means the sooner you can get the info in this resource, the sooner you can get your fabulous fabric, patterns and have something glorious to wear, cause it 'tis the season!

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Holiday Sewing - Part 1 Holiday Sewing - Part 1