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Holiday Sewing Part 2


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Pants, Scarves and other accessories can make an blah or work outfit into a wow holiday outfit, and often with very little time, just a little effort. But where to get the fabrics?...what to do with them after you get them?...what works best for what type of garment? In part 2 you'll have all the tools you need to make your own very stylish holiday pants, scarves and accessories as well as some other top ideas. There are gobs of resources here, but these are dated, and after the holidays I will take these two resources down, because the links to the products probably won't be any good. The best part is that many of these items take very little time and soon you're out in the holiday spirit, which is where we all want to be this time of year.

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Holiday Sewing Part 2 Holiday Sewing Part 2 Holiday Sewing Part 2