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Ponte Pant - Fitting, Styling and Variations


Ponte Pant - Fitting, Styling and Variations 00029

I've been teaching this pant for about 2½ years and it's one of the most successful classes I have. Pants are difficult to fit and easy to make. So what happens when you mix the forgiveness of knit with the tailor-ability of woven? You get a classic dress pant that looks really tailored and has that "Aaaaaaah" feeling when you sit or stoop or bend or get in and out of the car or have to reach down to pick up something off the floor - well, you get the idea! This isn't that hard, and the secret is in the hang. This resource deals specifically with that and several videos to help you understand what's going on and how to get the look you want. This also includes some cool variations, some style techniques that can aid you in making a slick pair of pants without that old-lady look. There are great downloads to help you choose fabric, and why certain fabrics are good for this pant and why others aren't. While other knits can (and do) cling to your body, the ponte doesn't and tailors beautifully.

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Ponte Pant - Fitting, Styling and Variations