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The details on a shirt are mostly around your face which means if they are a little off, it will show BIG TIME! Collar band and Collar make a shirt collar stand and behave beautifully, much better than one collar piece. But above that, designing the collar so that it rolls exactly the way you want is that extra detail that can make a very professional, individualized, customized look. From having a collar stand up in back, to having the whole collar stand up to the whole collar rolling down are all possibilities. Additionally the sleeve placket is a detail that is seen on quality tailored shirts and you do not have to have a placket piece in the pattern to do this. Not only that you can lengthen the placket and use it in front for a placketed opening in front.

NOTE: This is a more complete package than the Sleeve details. The Sleeve Details resource is included in here,

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Shirt Details