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Sway Back Alteration


Sway Back Alteration 00030

So this is an often seen problem in RTW, and it can be somewhat altered in RTW, BUT - if you do your own pattern (which you will be able to use over and over and over again so one time fixing this, you have it fixed forever), you can do all sorts of magical things. Yes, you can solve the sway back fitting, but there are some other things that can add flattering lines to your top, shirt, dress, tunic or whatever top you are making. This resource not only covers how to make the alteration, but whats really going on so that you can better understand what needs to be altered and what doesn't need to be altered. This resource also covers how to improve and flatter the hang and drape of your garment. This isn't all that hard, and once you understand what's going on, it makes sense what the alteration has to be. Of course this includes videos and downloads as well as the written explanation. So you can see what this is here's a preview of this resource.

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Sway Back Alteration Sway Back Alteration