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If you landed here by chance, welcome, but things here are in the beginning stages. There is much more to come as I am adding products all the time. That is to say that until this is finished, this may be cumbersome, difficult and not the best experience until it’s finished. I do ask you to browse around and of course if you have any suggestions, LMK – I always want to hear from you all.
Welcome to the Sewing Artistry Resource Center, where you will find solutions to your biggest and most frequent problems and challenges!
Per your requests, I’ve created targeted resources that solve your biggest challenges and problems on specific projects, that walk you EASILY and STEP-BY-STEP through the sewing process. You know me… my mission is to inspire you and provide you with the resources, tools, methods, and techniques that empower you to create your own fashionable wardrobe that makes you feel and look like a million bucks!
Whether you are a newbie looking for step-by-step guidance or an advanced sewist wanting to revisit the fundamentals and find the “elegant edge of productivity,” these products benefit everyone.
Most of all have fun here – this is a place to learn AND have fun!

Buying Fabric Online


Buying Fabric Online 00012

There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there online, if only you knew how to purchase them. Well, this is that guide. Here's the thing. For those of us who order online all the time, it's a cinch. But when you haven't ordered online, it's very scary. This guide is meant to give you some step-by-step tools as well as how to order the first few times and will get you started in opening a whole new world of unbelievably beautiful fabrics. With more and more local shops closing, this is the only alternative, unless you want to relegate yourself to the big-box hobby stores that stock fabric on the side. Why not shop where designers, costumers and sewists from all over the world shop! This is a way to get started with this and enjoy the process.

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Buying Fabric Online