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How To Arrange Your Sewing Studio


How To Arrange Your Sewing Studio 00032

OK - so the kids have finally graduated from school and are off to college - the bedroom is empty and of course begging you to start your own sewing room. Or you have a space in your bedroom or a rec room that you want to turn into a designated sewing area. This is perfect for you cause it will help you set up your room. Using principles from professional office designer and movie & TV set designers, these are principles that perform the best through the years. But more than that, there are some very ancient Feng Shui principles that are often the very same that pros use today. Having used the principles to not only set up my own studio, but those for students, the common comment I get from all of them is "I just love sewing now. I can't wait to go into my room and start sewing." Arrangements DO make that much difference. Give yourself a treat and use what the professionals do to make up your space and give yourself that wonderful space to sew that you will love walking into and work in.

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How To Arrange Your Sewing Studio How To Arrange Your Sewing Studio